1 Liberty Plaza

Brookfield is installing electric submeters at 7 Houston and New York City properties, including the 54-story 1 Liberty Plaza in Manhattan. (Image courtesy Brookfield)

Brookfield Property Partners is installing customized utility submetering solutions in seven commercial office towers in New York and Houston.

The properties include 1 Liberty Plaza, 245 Park Avenue, 1114 Avenue of the Americas (The Grace Building), and 200 Liberty Street in New York City as well as 2 Allen Center and 3 Allen Center in Houston. The buildings represent a total of 9.5 million square feet of office space.

UtiliVisor, an energy monitoring firm, is taking on the project which involves enterprise-wide submeter reading and utility cost allocation services, with 928 meters and 206 separate tenant accounts. Utility cost allocation data from the meters will be collected via the web and formatted into user files for automatic loading into Brookfield’s existing accounting package.

Management teams for the buildings will receive web access to the data via a secure login and can obtain real-time energy usage date from the field at any time via ipad and smartphone mobile applications. Brookfield’s tenants will be provided with a custom computer dashboard detailing all utility charges, as well as comprehensive utility profiles/consumption reports. Tenants will be able to download their utility bills in PDF format directly from a web-based account.

“The utiliVisor system will provide Brookfield with the latest submetering and utility accounting technologies,” said Tim Angerame, Chief Operating Officer at utiliVisor. “It offers a customizable, expandable and dependable platform for the accurate analysis and allocation of all tenant utility costs.”