Suzhou, a city in the Jiangsu province in eastern China adjacent to the Shanghai municipality, will soon be home to the tallest building in the world constructed outside of Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates. Lerch Bates has been awarded a contract to design the exterior building maintenance equipment system for China’s future tallest building.

Suzhou Zhongnan CenterSuzhou Zhongnan Center will soar to over 2,296 feet (700 meters) and will be built just west of Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park. When completed, the 138-floor supertall high-rise will eclipse the under-construction Shanghai Tower as the tallest building outside of the Middle East. Shanghai Tower is expected to be completed next year and will feature 121 floors with a maximum height of 2,073 feet (631 meters). The 2,717-foot (828-meter) Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the world’s current tallest building. The 3,280-foot (999-meter) Kingdom Tower, under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will claim the world’s tallest crown when it is planned to be complete in 2019.

“Suzhou Zhongnan Center will instantly become one of the most recognized buildings in the world for its beautiful design and extraordinary height when it’s completed,” said Jeff Marsh, Lerch Bates’ vice president of business development and marketing. “No other country in the world is experiencing such an enormous high-rise construction boom as China and Lerch Bates is thankful to be a part of many of the country’s most high profile construction projects.”

Suzhou Zhongnan Center is being constructed by Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Group Co., Ltd. and will feature Class A office space, a five-star hotel and residential units.