Property managers are responsible for the life safety of all their tenants, but often in an emergency their response is hampered by out-of-date contact information, untrained floor wardens, and slow methods of emergency notification such as phone trees. A poor emergency response can instantly damage a building or management company’s reputation plus impact tenant retention and revenue.

Bank of America Plaza

Preparis provides its cloud-based life safety solutions to buildings including the Bank of America Building in Atlanta (pictured), the Millennium Building in Washington, D.C., Miami Tower and Nascar Plaza in Charlotte.

Atlanta-based Preparis’ technology and services help building owners and managers develop a Life Safety program from creating an initial emergency action plan to full program implementation. Preparis has experienced rapid growth in the commercial real estate industry, recently signing its 100th major office building.

Founded in 2007, Preparis began offering business continuity solutions for individual companies and professional services firms. After recognizing many of their initial clients were also tenants within larger office buildings, Preparis expanded its technology and services offerings to include solutions for the commercial real estate market.

Preparis allows building management to easily build and promote their life safety programs — from developing and sharing emergency response plans, implementing an emergency notification system for communicating with tenants, offering cloud-based document sharing of emergency plans and providing emergency training to tenants and staff who work in the building. Preparis’ service equips property teams and tenants to respond to potential emergencies including workplace violence, natural disasters, terrorism and pandemics.

“Building owners and property managers are always eager to make their buildings stand out from the competition, and Preparis’ program adds real value for tenants,” said Randall Tolbert, president and chief financial officer. “Our platform gives property managers one central location to share up-to-date information and most efficiently notify their tenants in the event of an emergency. Everyone feels safer and more confident once this program has been implemented.”

Preparis has a high concentration of buildings in the Atlanta area and is quickly expanding in a number of other markets throughout the country. Its presence is growing particularly in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

“Reaching our 100th building milestone proves that the commercial real estate community is embracing Preparis’ life safety solutions,” said Tolbert. “As more building owners and property management firms learn about our programs, we expect to see continued growth in 2014.”