181 Fremont is a 52-story 700 foot tall building being proposed by developer SKS Investments for Fremont Street in san Francisco between Mission and Howard. The Heller Manus-designed building (designer of 555 Mission Street) would be a 760,000 square foot, 66-story mixed-use, office and residential tower. It’s located on two lots in the center of San Francisco’s Financial District. The developer presented compliance applications to the San Francisco Planning Commission last week. According to local news media, several organizations and business owners in the area approve of the projet.

(Rendering by steelblue for SKS Investments, LLC)

Plans include a bridge connecting it to the 5.4 acre “City Park” on the roof of the new Transbay Transit Center. The center will centralize the region’s transportation network by accommodating nine transportation systems under one roof, including AC Transit, Caltrain, MUNI, Golden Gate Transit, SamTrans, Greyhound, BART, WestCAT, and future California High-Speed Rail that will eventually link San Francisco to Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento.

According to the developer, 181 Fremont is a slender glass and steel tower that will have an exoskeleton structural system, which will eliminate the need for interior columns and provide superior seismic safety and wind resistance. The Class A office space and luxury residential units will provide panoramic views of San Francisco and the entire Bay Area region. A number of sustainability features are being incorporated into the design and it is anticipated to attain a LEED Gold Certification or higher. The project will also include a subterranean parking garage.

The 700-foot-tall tower (745 feet tall to the top of the parapet/mechanical screen and about 802 feet tall to the top of the spire) would include a mix of office, residential, and retail, along with five levels of below grade parking, off-street loading spaces, residential and office lobbies and amenities for the project residents.

The building would contain approximately 404,000 square feet of office space on levels three through 35, with approximately 2,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor and level five. The upper portion of the building would contain approximately 128,000 square feet of residential space (74 units) in a mix of one‐ to four‐bedroom units on levels 38 through 52. Approximately 7,000 square feet of residential amenities, including a two story open air terrace surrounding the building, would be located on level 36. Approximately 50,500 square feet of mechanical space would be located in the basement and on levels 2, 37, 53 and 54.

Rendering of 181 Fremont San Francisco including bridge to Transit Center’s rooftop park. (Rendering by steelblue for SKS Investments, LLC)

The ground floor would include separate entrances to lobbies serving the residential and office uses as well as entry to a retail space fronting Fremont Street. Parking and service vehicle entry would be located approximately 24 feet from the north end of the Fremont Street frontage. Direct access to City Park open space atop the Transbay Transit Center would be provided on the fifth level via a pedestrian bridge. A small retail space of approximately 1,500 square feet would be located on the fifth floor to serve this access point.

Sources: SKS Investments, LLC and San Francisco Planning Commission
Renderings by: steelblue for SKS Investments, LLC