A new 16-story condominium with 210 units located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada is equipped with geothermal technology for heating and cooling. LJM Developments and Davies Smith Developments partnered to begin building Ironstone Condominiums in 2011. The project was completed in September, 2013.

Ironside GeothermalGeothermal systems consist of a network of horizontal and vertical pipes installed in the ground. Earth-buried loops transfer heat from fluid circulating in pipes. The innovative system allows residents to enjoy a stable and sustainable heating and cooling expense, while avoiding market fluctuations of oil and gas. There are other side benefits to geothermal as well, including more comfortable heating and cooling and less noise.

The system’s installer, GeoExperts, paid for the cost of installation and will recoup their investment by selling heating and cooling contracts to residents. There is no cost for the energy beyond drilling holes into the ground and tapping into the heat that is stored in the Earth naturally.

GeoExperts has developed proprietary software to remotely monitor the performance of the geothermal site – including building and outdoor temperature – making maintenance easier and allowing for quick response if problems arise.

Other green initiatives at Ironside included a 1,500 square foot rooftop courtyard, expertly landscaped and designed for outdoor living. With outdoor kitchen facilities, dining and lounging areas and even an outdoor hot tub, the rooftop park is a green alternative to the traditional black-top roof.

Ironside conserves water with low flow faucets and toilets, uses auxiliary solar elements, has a dedicated room for recycling sorting, and secure bicycle parking. Even throughout construction, Ironstone Condominiums’ development team employed green construction practices by utilizing building materials with recycled content and waste management reduction procedures during construction.