Schindler Elevator Corporation has enhanced its Building Information Modeling (BIM) software offering by providing more detailed models for elevator and escalator planning. The new parametric models offer greater flexibility to compare capacities, door opening and travel options directly in the software program when designing the building. The more detailed models also help identify conflicts earlier in the design process, and highlight limitations to prevent incompatible product usage. In addition, seismic requirements are built into the new models.

Schindler 400AE Traction Elevator - BIMWith BIM, users can create 3-D “to scale” elevator and escalator models which can be viewed from any angle, helping to identify any issues with the interface to the building or other building systems early on in the design phase. This will result in fewer errors or omissions which will help reduce change orders and improve quality.

From Schindler’s website, (, architects, specifiers, general contractors and others in the building design and construction industry in the U.S. and Canada can access links to create three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic BIM models for the following Schindler products:

  • Schindler 330A hydraulic elevator for low-rise buildings
  • Schindler 3300 machine room-less traction elevator for low- to mid-rise buildings
  • Schindler 400AE machine room-less traction elevator for mid-rise buildings

Three-dimensional models for the Schindler 7000 custom elevator for high-rise buildings, Schindler 9300AE escalator for commercial applications, and Schindler 9700 escalator for transit applications can also be produced with assistance from a company representative.

“BIM is an outstanding tool that helps eliminate building change orders and the extra expense associated with them,” said Christopher Smith, director, Marketing for Schindler. “As the demand for BIM has increased dramatically over the past few years, we have expanded the number of products in our BIM model portfolio and have also enhanced the models’ detail and flexibility, providing the industry’s preferred BIM offering.”

In addition to BIM, Schindler customers also benefit from the company’s online Schindler e-tools which provide around-the-clock access to drawings, specifications, service activities, performance history and project schedules.

About Schindler Elevator Corporation

Schindler Elevator Corporation is the North American operation of the Switzerland-based Schindler Group, a leading global mobility provider with approximately 44,000 employees operating in more than 100 countries. Schindler supports sustainable urban development with safe, reliable and ecologically sound mobility solutions and its equipment moves one billion people every day all over the world. In 2011 and 2012, Schindler was named one of Forbes Magazine’s 100 Most Innovative Companies, and three of the company’s products received the Architectural Products’ Product Innovation Award. For additional information about Schindler Elevator Corporation, visit the company’s Web site at