One BloorCanadian home builder Great Gulf has installed a pair of self-climbing elevators at One Bloor, a high-rise condominium under construction in Toronto.

KONE JumpLift, which has already been installed in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, China and Australia, is an advanced, self-climbing elevator that operates during construction in a building’s permanent hoistway. It uses a mobile machine room that moves upward as the construction progresses. The technology can improve safety and efficiency on job sites and can enable buildings to be completed months ahead of traditional construction timelines.

The two lifts will travel at almost four times the speed of traditional hoists and when the 75-story building is completed, they will become two of six high-speed elevators that will carry residents at nearly 30 km/h.

KONE JumpLift

On left, Larry Wash and Kelly Leitch from KONE Americas, alongside Geoffrey Matthews and Chris Mallinos, leaders from Great Gulf, cut the ribbon at North Americas’ first KONE JumpLift.

Great Gulf and KONE are collaborating on the project, which will deliver high-end retail and residential units in Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville area, and is expected to be completed in 2016.

The JumpLift technology includes the following benefits:

  • Less Wait Time: Operating at speeds up to 800 fpm (4m/s), five times faster than a traditional external hoist used in construction, KONE JumpLift is able to move construction workers to their floors in a faster, safer way.
  • Safer Transportation: With all transportation activities taking place inside in a dry and windproof shaft, construction workers can safely move throughout the building regardless of weather conditions, allowing building construction to proceed unhindered.
  • Construction Efficiency: Using the building’s permanent elevator hoistway for construction use, completed floors can be put into action while allowing the installation to continue above.
  • Faster Delivery: When the building structure is completed, changing over to the permanent elevator is a straightforward matter of installing the final machinery and finishing the material surfaces of the elevator car, landing doors and signalization.

“Great Gulf always looks for innovation in design and construction. One Bloor, recently recognized by the International Property Awards as the best high-rise condominium in North America, is one of the most significant buildings being built in Toronto,” said Christopher Wein, President Great Gulf Residential. “The KONE JumpLift provides real value and this elevator technology will help the entire construction project to proceed more efficiently and safely for everyone working on site.”