touchscreen alarm system

Fear the Fire, Not the Fire Alarm

The first time an end user – a facility manager, security guard or building owner – is faced with operating a fire alarm control panel might easily be in an emergency situation. In the midst of such a crisis, it is not the best time to determine which of 20 or 30 different buttons to push. Overly complex fire alarm interfaces make users vulnerable to “floating finger syndrome” –
Spring Creek Towers

Brooklyn Residential Complex Upgrades Building Management System

A massive residential development known as Spring Creek Towers in Brooklyn, New York has completed a $2-million smart building retrofit. The project will help facility personnel more effectively manage energy use, and increase safety and security across the development's 46 apartment towers and multiple parking garages, retail centers and other amenities. Opened in 1974, the housing development was originally known as Starret City, before being renamed in 2002. It contains 5,881 apartment units in buildings ranging from 11-stories to 20-stories and is said to be the largest federally assisted rental property in the United States.