Porsche Design Tower

Elevatoring: The Art and Science of High-Rise Residential Lifts

The majority of high-rise buildings being built throughout the world today have been designed either entirely for residential or a combination of residential and commercial occupancies. This is due to the high demand for additional living space in most major cities caused by a number of factors. These include a significant move of the current generation of business professionals into city centers as well as the aging senior citizen population that appears to want to [...]
condo hotel

The Rise of the Condo Hotel

They’ve been called condo hotels, hotel-condos, and condotels. But however you refer to them, cities like Chicago, Aspen, and New York have seen a swell of these high-rise towers enter urban areas in the last decade. Virtually every condo hotel property that has come on the market during this time has sold out in pre-construction. Although they’re condominiums by definition, these high-rises are operated like hotels. There are typically two types of condo hotels. The first type consists [...]