Penterra Plaza - DenverCompleted in 2003, Penterra Plaza in Denver includes 266 residential units, a seven-story office building, a three-story underground parking garage, and 21,310 square feet of retail space. The 23-story residential tower includes a community sun terrace, a game room, and a guest suite for visitors.

When residents discovered condensation on their window frames during cold outdoor temperatures, the engineers of Raths, Raths, and Johnson were called upon to develop a system to mitigate the condensation issue and Reconstruction Experts was contracted by the HOA to perform the repairs.

Utilizing a Bylin heat trace system, the repair involved installing a track to the base of the window frame that radiates heat onto the window frame. The system is controlled by a small thermostat that regulates the temperature of the bottom of the window frame. By heating the window frame, the system is designed to keep the temperature of the frame above the dew point and thus disallowing condensation.

The 280-ft tall, multi-terraced building required inspection of every weep hole and brick tuck pointing location of the exterior façade, leak and pressure tests on every window fitting, and corrective glazing work on failed windows. In addition, Reconstruction Experts was asked to repair and resurface patios. This included grinding off the existing surface material, adjusting the surface slope, and recoating the patio with the non-­slip surface coating.

For facade access safety, Reconstruction Experts turned to Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, to provide a complete suspended access solution for inspection and repair work.

Penterra Plaza - DenverOver 750 linear feet of SpiderRail, Spider’s new temporary guardrail system, was used to provide OSHA-compliant fall protection along the edges of the building. Seven modular platforms ranging in length from 20-35 ft and powered by Zmac hoists, twenty davits, and custom engineered davit adapters provided access for the contractors to complete their inspection and repair work to the windows & façade. Finally, a 170T hydraulic crane was used to load the equipment onto the building.

Spider was involved in all of the safety planning for this project and provided Competent Person Training for all of the mason workers, glaziers and general contractors utilizing the equipment.

“Whenever we were faced with challenges, Spider’s Denver team personally took action and delivered a safe and timely solution,” stated Jake Marshall, Project Manager with Reconstruction Experts Inc. “We were especially impressed with their plan to utilize a crane service to load the equipment onto the structure, since transporting it through the building would have been disruptive to the building’s occupants. Not only did this improve our efficiency, it reassured the building owners that their concerns were our top priority.”

For the security of the residents, construction team members utilize a system of color coded badges that allow as-needed access to the facility and limits who can have a key card. The cards are checked in and out on a daily basis by authorized personnel. The key cards are tracked by number and logged for reference. Key cards do not have evening or weekend access.

Reconstruction Experts is planning to complete the repairs by the end of the year with minimal disruption to residents and a goal of no workplace injuries.

Images courtesy of Spider