Schindler has introduced the world’s most advanced affordable, solar-powered elevator system. The trailblazing technology underscores the company’s dedication to developing innovative, sustainable solutions for urban mobility challenges.

Inspired in large part by its partnership with the revolutionary Solar Impulse project, the zero fuel airplane aiming to fly around the world propelled only by solar energy, the Schindler Solar Elevator is a hybrid system designed to supply from up to 100 percent of the elevator’s power needs from rooftop solar panels and a proprietary Hybrid Energy Manager (HEM) that stores the solar energy in batteries until needed.

Schindler Solar Elevator“First customer installation testing in Barcelona, Spain, proved the efficiency of the new system,” said Eric Rossignol, R&D system project manager at Schindler. “The Schindler Solar Elevator not only reduces energy costs and avoids the costly power-peaks caused when elevators begin each trip, but it can run independently of the power grid so it can continue operating during power interruptions or blackouts.”

Design Simplicity

Solar panels can supply most of the Schindler Solar Elevator’s power requirements, which will vary depending on size and daily traffic. Backup power needs are provided by a one-phase grid connection, which is significantly simpler and less costly to install and operate than the standard three-phase connection. The Schindler Hybrid Energy Manager collects and stores the clean energy generated from the solar panels and the elevator operations to provide backup energy supply should a power interruption occur.

Solar ElevatorThe new solar elevator system uses a standard Schindler 3300 gearless machine room-less elevator, which is already up to 60 percent more energy efficient than hydraulic elevators. The elevator system includes many features that are designed to save energy and reduce costs: stable start; a frequency converter with an energy efficient standby power mode; controls that automatically switch car lights to standby mode and LED car lights. The Schindler 3300 is a proven sustainable technology that requires no extra application engineering for adaptation to the Schindler Solar Elevator system.

“The Schindler Solar Elevator is a major step forward in creating net-zero energy buildings in urban environments,” said Bill Fiacco, president marketing and sales, Schindler Elevator Corporation. “This new system is a highly efficient, robust, and affordable solution available today for residential and low-rise commercial buildings. As we roll out this exciting new technology in the Americas next year, further refinements will continue to make Schindler Solar Elevator systems even more efficient.”