The roles played by a high-rise building are numerous and varied: landmark, object of civic pride, movie star, corporate symbol, workplace and residence. But beyond the spectacle it must still operate at the human scale. It must be accessible, useful, economical, safe, and deliver ROI. Such a multifaceted building must be carefully managed by a team of skilled, adaptable professionals.

High Rise Facilities serves the building owners and facility executives who control the largest commercial and institutional high-rise properties in the central business districts of America’s greatest urban centers. Our readers are charged with meeting the demands of intrepid investors and hard-to-please tenants.

Tall buildings, if only by being tall, look to stand out in a crowd… In time they may become the crowd, but it is always their intention to speak up, to declare, indeed, even persuade us of their novelty, their sumptuousness, their responsibility to social needs and ideals, their outright beauty, and their abstraction.
“Tall Building as a Metaphor,” 2006

An investor needs their high-priced asset to appreciate over time and thus requires dedicated attention to maintenance and smart capital improvement. The finicky tenant is often there because of the prestige factor and Class A amenities, so they require the highest level comfort and service.

The manager of a tall building faces unique challenges including vertical transportation, facade access, redundant mechanical systems, anti-terrorism and security. Operating a tall building is like managing a small city with its vertical population requiring all the typical amenities such as plumbing, clean air, trash disposal and communications but at much loftier heights.

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