High-Rise History

America’s Abandoned Skyscrapers

Like ruins left behind by the great Romans or Mayans, America's abandoned skyscrapers hide numerous stories behind their decaying facades. These high-rise gems, many of them Art Deco specimens, were the pride of their community when they were built. A developer's vision, an architect's dream, an engineer's challenge, a workplace, a home, and now crumbling monuments to their enterprising creators. Oftentimes the towers are so beloved that a community can't bare to see them go. And other times they just can't afford to tear them down.

Chicago’s 7 Most Endangered Buildings

Every year, Preservation Chicago announces its “Chicago’s 7″ list of Most Endangered Buildings. The purpose of the Chicago 7 is to raise public awareness about the threats facing some of Chicago’s most at-risk architectural treasures, whether they are a single building, an entire neighborhood, or a thematic category of buildings, such as Great Chicago Warehouses or Chicago’s Religious Structures.