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Magnolia Hotel

Height of Hospitality: The Unique Challenges of High-Rise Hotels

High-rise hotels offer up some unique challenges. Regardless of the economy, guest satisfaction scores correlate with guest retention, length of stay, and overall hotel success – which ultimately contribute to a healthier bottom line. And facilities management plays an important role in making sure guests are satisfied with hotel facilities and amenities. So how do you overcome common high-rise hotel design and operations challenges to stand out as one of the [...]
Hyatt Regency Houston

High-Rise Hotel Analyzes Window Film Effectiveness

What’s the best way to prove that your green investments are paying off? To measure the savings on utility bills, and improvements that tenants are experiencing as a result of your investment. Whether you’re cutting back on energy use due to mandates or voluntary efforts, quantifying the savings from your green initiatives can help determine whether the purchases are truly worth it (or at least offset implementation costs). This data can go a long way toward supporting other green investments in the future as well. It can also be a solid indicator of improved building performance, which could make your facility more attractive to tenants or prospective buyers.
Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino

Media Facades are Multi-Faceted 21st-Century Communicators

Media facades have become a firm feature of the 21st century metropolis, increasingly bathing gray cities in an imposing play of light and color. What once began with lurid neon advertising hoardings in New York's Times Square has grown beyond its initial purpose as a pure advertising medium to present itself today as a conveyor of artistic and social messages, transforming buildings into giant screens. There are now even architecture practices specializing in "mediatecture".

Façade Access: Ups & Downs, Ins & Outs

The technology and equipment used in exterior maintenance is continually evolving, as more buildings become architectural statements and landmarks with intricate details. Several design factors should be considered when incorporating safe and efficient façade access systems into the design of the world’s tallest buildings or integrating them with existing buildings.