BOMA International and BOMI International’s top volunteer leaders recently met to discuss collaboration in the coming year. The leaders identified specific areas of cooperation to further enhance the value of one another’s educational offerings, including increased coordination around asset management and sustainability/high-performance building education, combined efforts to support BOMA International’s new career day (to be held in conjunction with the BOMA Annual Conference in San Diego, California, this June), and other efforts to promote property management as a career.

“In this marketplace, it is critical that BOMA International and our local associations focus on offering timely topical education not available elsewhere, while identifying courses by BOMI International and others that will enhance property professionals’ careers,” said Joe Markling, BOMA International Chair and managing director of strategic accounts with CBRE. “We have a long, productive history working with BOMI International, and it makes sense for us to work together as we develop programs to foster successful careers in property management.”

“For years, real estate professionals have looked to BOMI International for foundational knowledge in real estate management and operations. Combining our foundational knowledgebase with BOMA International’s expertise in offering topical education enhances the real estate professional’s access to complete, career-long learning,” said Greg Grainger, BOMI International Chair and regional managing director for Colliers International. “Developing the real estate management profession through education offers dividends to both property owners and industry professionals.”

Both staff leadership teams will continue to meet throughout the year to move forward with these initiatives and to determine additional opportunities that will create value for respective members, students, customers, and the overall industry. The results of these efforts will be gradually reflected in each organization’s education menus and are expected to be visible by BOMA International’s annual conference in June. As progress is made, both groups will report back to enlist the help of their constituencies.