Greenleaf Capital Partners, LLC is has announced the launch of American Testing & Inspection Services, LLC (ATIS), a nationwide testing, inspection and certification business. With  the  start-up  investment  from  Greenleaf  and  other  investors,  ATIS  seeks  to  hire additional personnel and make select acquisitions of existing testing and inspection firms throughout the United States.

Through  a  wholly  owned  subsidiary,  ATIS  Elevator  Inspections,  ATIS  will  initially  provide  safety inspection and test witnessing services for cranes, elevators, escalators, and other forms of transportation equipment, though it has plans to significantly expand its service offering.  The Company has eleven employees, is getting licensed in ten states, and plans to continue building a national presence to better service both local and national contracts.

“ATIS has positioned itself to capitalize on an emerging phenomenon that we have been monitoring for several months” said Chip Smith, Principal of Greenleaf and Chairman of ATIS.  “We have developed a substantial portion of the necessary infrastructure and can now focus on more important tasks like recruiting and retaining top quality employees and providing unparalleled customer service.”

“ATIS is Greenleaf’s second investment since its recent founding and represents a continuation of Greenleaf’s strategy of partnering with passionate and proficient management teams,” said Andy Spann, Principal of Greenleaf Capital Partners. “We have assembled a very experienced team that has identified a compelling opportunity within a relatively mature industry, and we are excited about this investment.”