Consumers are using their smartphones to board planes and purchase groceries and now they can extend this reach to the workplace with keyless access control. One of the start-ups leading the mobile access control movement is Kisi Inc., a provider and developer of a cloud-managed keyless access control system.

KisiBernard Mehl cofounded Kisi in Germany in 2012 with Maximilian Schütz and Carl Pfeiffer to bring digital entry systems to smartphones without having to replace existing entry systems. The Kisi system was built to work with older buildings, including almost any existing lock and access control system.

Kisi’s founders believe that as the workforce becomes more globalized and transient, traditional access cards and delays at reception will become burdensome and their mobile software solution is inevitable. Their smartphone app can be used as a fast pass to office, building, elevator and interior doors like server rooms for selected access levels. “We see the Internet of Things moving to the enterprise and encompassing entire cities. We believe Kisi can contribute to making this city more livable and more secure,” said Mehl.

At the Cushman & Wakefield corporate headquarters in New York City, Kisi just completed its largest enterprise installation to date. Once C&W’s employees have downloaded the secure mobile application, they are able to unlock doors within the office suite via their iPhone or Android devices.

C&W was the sponsor of the 2014 Tech Crunch Disrupt, one of the most iconic startup and thought leadership programs hosted in New York City each year. It was at Tech Crunch Disrupt that C&W was introduced to the Kisi team and began this particular initiative.

The C&W installation may be a boon to Kisi, which just secured $1.5 million in funding led by Berlin-based Point Nine Capital with participation from Windforce Ventures, Mesa Ventures and Marcy Simon. C&W said that it intends to collaborate with Kisi, offering this innovative solution to their clients.

John Santora, Cushman & Wakefield CEO of North America said, “As a firm, Cushman & Wakefield is always looking for new, innovative opportunities to keep our company and office space ahead of the ever-evolving tech curve. Our employees are constantly using mobile technologies for productivity, security and collaboration. Kisi’s technology enables all of this at the point of access, and makes our corporate headquarters ready for the future.”

Image courtesy of Kisi