Make Your High-Rise Work Harder With Total Lighting Management

Because lighting accounts for approximately 39 percent of the average commercial office building’s total electricity use, effectively managing lighting use gives high-rise building owners and facility managers the power to save more electricity than they can with any other control technology at their disposal – without sacrificing employee comfort or satisfaction.

Is Your Office Lighting Ideal? 6 Factors Impacting Your Building—and Business

The office is a place where employees must feel alert and engaged to be at their best, but often overlooked is lighting—a simple factor influencing not only everyday operations but occupant comfort and the effectiveness with which tasks are completed. GE takes a closer look at six trends driving office lighting best practices today, from dimming down over-lit areas to saving watts in parking lots to setting a more productive mood. As decision makers will see, there are many opportunities to positively impact employee satisfaction and the profitability of their buildings—and businesses—through simple adjustments: