Leah Grout Garris

HVAC Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Big Money

After talking to energy and HVAC experts, we uncovered some real-world examples of problems they’ve seen unfold in both newer and older facilities. Read on to see what other facilities professionals have had to deal with in their high-rises, and pick up some pointers on preventing these situations in your own building.

Rise to the Challenge: Three High-Rise Owners Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

Facilities management – especially when it comes to high-rise buildings – is often a game of discovery and problem-solving. But the answers aren’t always clear-cut. Lights being left on, extreme weather, or increased plug load may be to blame for a sudden spike in energy use. HVAC problems could be caused by solar heat gain, tenants overriding central controls, or lack of maintenance. High water bills could be due to leaky toilets, high water pressure, or irrigation […]