Window Film Gives L.A.’s “Green Monster” a Makeover

High Rise Facilities | December 13, 2013
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Variety BuildingThe former ING Direct Building in Los Angeles has been known to locals as the “Green Monster” for years. Visible from the 405 just east of the freeway on the northeast corner of Santa Monica Blvd., the tower has been renamed the Variety Building, for it’s new tenant. Penske Media Corporation (PMC) the parent company of Variety, has secured 50% of the space in the building, which is located at 11175 Santa Monica Blvd.

With the facade in need of a makeover, the building owners recently turned to the Southern California architectural firm of Shubin And Donaldson. The architect was inspired by the streaking vision of passing vehicles and blurred lights constantly flowing past the structure. They designed a compositional layout of colored/patterned glazing films of varying colors and densities tracking across the elevations as well as a new louvered steel base/canopy element. To pull off their vision, the firm recruited Spin Imaging, a large format, custom digital graphics specialist.

The project, which took about five months, included installing window film on all the vision glass along with vinyl accents on the spandrel areas. Spin Imaging worked with Solar Art Window Film to apply a film to all 848 windows. This not only updated the building’s appearance, it also reduced the amount of heat coming into the building. Solar Art’s CEO Matthew Darienzo said, “Most buildings in California were built in the 70′s and 80′s and have very dated looks. Most owners don’t want to spend millions of dollars to replace existing glass but they still need to update their building to attract tenants. Our product is a fraction of the cost of glass replacement and can be replaced to change the look any time.”

Besides Variety’s staff, PMC’s new corporate headquarters also houses the staff of Deadline Hollywood. Together the companies occupy four floors, including the top three. One floor includes a full video production studio for news, a photo studio, and three green-screen rooms for PMC’s YouTube network ENTV as well as its other channels.

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